“Mothers don’t sleep – They just worry with their eyes closed”

On February 21st, Mama’s Got Mojo and Mamas, You Got This, co-hosted yet another empowering Mama event – the first ever WorryBug Workshop exclusively for mothers! We want to thank all the amazing Mamas who came out and made this very special evening a great success! A special thank you to Andi Green, author and illustrator of “The WorryWoo Monsters” book series, and to Divya Dodhia, Child & Family Therapist, for their expertise and outstanding performances!

Despite the serious topic, it was a night of fun, laughter and sisterhood. With drinks in hand and an amazing spread of out of this world vegan food, provided by Vegansoulicious, moms were ready to listen, learn and grow. During this interactive workshop we tackled feelings of being trapped in a never-ending worry cloud and learned techniques designed to help us cope with the stressors of motherhood.

Research out of Cornell University shows that moms are more worried, experience higher levels of anxiety and depression, and report lower levels of wellbeing than dads. Besides the fact that moms still perform the majority of the labor intensive childcare tasks, they also tie their self-image to the concept of being a ‘good mother’ while trying to live up to the unrealistic expectations society puts on mothers today. That is a lot of pressure to put on oneself!

So how can we stop worrying so much? First, we have to make sure we are taking care of ourselves. When we practice self-care we are more likely to feel at peace and less likely to fall into worry. Our journey to becoming the best version of ourselves requires self-awareness and an understanding of what self-care really is.   

Our first guest was Divya Dodhia who has a long history of working with moms that struggle with stress, anxiety and depression. Divya explained how small changes in our daily lives can make a huge difference to our overall well-being. Regardless of our circumstances or where we come from, we share many concerns and experiences. Even so, there simply is no universal self-care plan that fits us all. Every Mama has to reconnect with her own needs and desires in order figure out what works for her, what puts a smile on her face and what gets her Mojo flowing.

Andi Green followed suit by leading us through an interactive workshop designed to provide us with strategies and techniques that can help us understand fabricated vs. real-life worries, and how to curb them. She taught us how to practice proper breathing using our bellies and how to be fully present in the moment while eating a piece of (92% cacao) chocolate. Fun stuff!

It was wonderful to see Mamas engage, share their stories and recognize that they are not alone on this tumultuous journey of motherhood. We all left the event feeling energized and empowered. Thank you again to everyone who presented, supported and attended.

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