Redefining Motherhood in a Modern World

On Nov. 29th, “Mama’s Got Mojo” hosted an event in partnership with “Mamas You Got This” in Jersey City and the turnout was beyond expectation! Mamas from all walks of life came inspired and ready to tackle many of the issues moms are struggling with in the 21st century. 

We were proud to have a very diverse panel stacked with super Mamas representing all ethnicities and spanning industries from finance and education to beauty and non-profits:
Mamta Singh - Founder & Director of JCFamilies
Sarah Cho Look - Founder of Mommies Heart to Heart & Attorney at Chubb Insurance
Tia Adams - VP, Securities Lending Operations at Goldman Sachs
Maria G. Sharp - Founder & Director of The Scandinavian School of Jersey City
Yolanda Torres - Owner of Wonderlash Studio

These Mamas were fierce, honest, funny and most of all - relatable. As accomplished entrepreneurs and executives they have all had to juggle children, career and family life in order to make it work, and they shared their experiences with warmth and humor. 

The room was on fire! By the time we opened the floor for the audience to participate in the discussion, Mamas eagerly shared their own stories, struggles and advice. We agreed that moms today are under more pressure than ever before. The expectations from society, media (social media in particular), even family and friends can be quite overwhelming. Our circumstances might be different but whether we are stay-at-home-moms, working moms or entrepreneurs, we share many of the same challenges of - finding work-life balance, managing mom-guilt, losing our sense of self, and coping with the lack of supportive family policies.

There is clearly a need for a forum like this where Mamas can come together to discuss the challenges we face as mothers today. A space where we feel less alone, where we don’t talk about children and parenting but focus solely on moms as human beings, women, individuals with dreams, goals and aspirations.

Our goal at Mama’s Got Mojo is to provide a vehicle to help Mamas support and empower one another so they can live fulfilled, happy lives beyond motherhood and “Redefining Motherhood in a Modern World” was the first of many such events.

Thank you to our amazing panelists and the incredible audience who made this a night we’ll never forget!!!

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors who gave us so many appreciated giveaways:
Silverman - A one month membership to &Co Coworking
Jane Do - A 5 class pass at their Jersey City location
Starbucks - Coffee Mugs, coffee and notebooks
Wonderlash Studio- Beauty products
The Self Evidents by Cate Stern - A ‘Moms for President’ T-shirt

Last but not least thank you to our wonderful photographer Hagit Dror who truly captured the spirit of the night, and to Winnie Georgiev who held down the logistics so well, we couldn’t have done it without you!

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