Meet our Panelists - Mamta Singh, Founder & Executive Director of JCFamilies

Mamta Singh JCFamilies.png

Introducing Mamta Singh, the last in the line of amazing panelists at our upcoming event - Redefining Motherhood in a Modern World. Mamta is a force of nature! Originally from India where she was a wedding planer for large scale, high-end weddings, she moved to Jersey City with her family in 2010. Brand new to the US and a new city, Mamta found it difficult to find help settling in. As a stay-at-home mom with a young child she felt there was a lack of avenues to keep her and her son busy, she figured other moms in her situation must have the same problem. After being a SAHM for five years, she launched JCFamilies in 2011. Mamta’s vision was to connect families and provide a space for them to become familiar with their new environment and feel a sense of comfort. She started by organizing events for kids in public parks and within no time JCFamilies became very popular among moms in particular. The organization has been a great resource for children’s activities ever since.  Today JCFamilies is the largest family community in Jersey City with thousands of members and a team of moms constantly working on creating some of the most kid friendly events all around town.

Mamta works around the clock, but she always makes time to play with her son. They love to go skate boarding and scooting together and sometimes she says she forgets who’s the kid and who’s the adult. In order to keep up with her very active son, Mamta makes sure to prioritize her health. ‘My son keeps me on my toes’ she says. To stay in shape, she works out at a Cross Fit gym most days of the week and is very conscious about what she eats. 

One of Mamta’s career highlights was when she received the Jersey City Women of Action award in 2016. Her organization, JCFamilies, has also received several recognitions from the local government. Mamta is truly a woman of action and we can’t wait to hear her take on juggling motherhood and career on November 29th!

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