Meet our Panelists - Sarah Cho Look, Founder of Mommies Heart to Heart & Attorney at Chubb Insurance

Sarah Cho Look, Panelist.png

We are so inspired by our next panelist, Sarah Cho Look. She is Mama to two young children, a lawyer and co-founder of charity organization Mommies Heart to Heart. It is amazing how she does it all! Sarah was a stay-at-home mom for two years after her daughter was born and quickly realized that being an SAHM is one of the hardest jobs a person can do.

In 2015, Sarah and a friend, Kausar Rasul, co-funded Mommies Heart to Heart, a non-profit organization with a mission to teach kids to give back to their community. The two moms worried that their children were being too spoiled and wanted them to grow up understanding the importance of helping others through volunteering, fundraising and other caring activities. Ever since, they have been teaching children throughout the community how to be givers and have brought necessities and joy to many of the less fortunate in our city.

Shortly after launching the non-profit, Sarah went back to work as an in-house lawyer at the prestigious firm of Chubb Insurance. While juggling charity, career and family, she found that in order to manage it all she needed to delegate duties, connect with purpose and truth, care for self and minimize morning/nighttime yelling. 

Being born into an immigrant family from South Korea, Sarah speaks Korean at home with her family and puts great emphasis on teaching her kids about diversity and that they are part of a bigger picture. She reminds her children that their role in this community is important and they can can make a difference in other peoples lives.

Sara says it best herself: “I settle lawsuits at Chubb to keep my bank account afloat; I run Mommies Heart to Heart to keep my heart full of joy.”

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