Redefining Motherhood in a Modern World
Redefining Motherhood Event.png

Mama’s Got Mojo is collaborating with Mamas, You Got This to bring you this exclusive event. Mamas today face more demands and pressures than any generation of moms before us. Managing children, career, health and life can be an overwhelming balancing act. We want to provide a forum for Mamas to come together to discuss challenges, find common ground and come up with solutions to some of the hardships that face us all. We hope that by building a tribe, Mamas can support and empower one another to rise above the chaos and find the Mojo to pursue their dreams beyond motherhood.

Join us on November 29th for a powerful evening where you’ll meet five of Jersey City’s most inspiring Mamas, all successful entrepreneurs and executives spanning a variety of industries. How have they been able to solve the life puzzle? and is it a myth that Mamas can have it all? Come feel inspired and leave with your Mojo recharged!

Stay tuned for more information about our awesome panelists in the following posts!

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