Meet our Panelists - Yolanda Torres, Founder of Wonderlash Studio

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We are thrilled to present Yolanda Torres, one of five Mama panelists at our upcoming event - “Redefining Motherhood In A Modern World”. Yolanda is an energetic go getter who doesn’t let anything stand in her way. 

In 2005 this former nurse left her job at Kaiser Hospitals in LA and moved to New York City to pursue her dream in the beauty industry. Yolanda has trained and worked with some of the best in her field. When she had her two children she left the salons in the city to be a present, full-time mom. Determined to continue to provide for her family, and still be there for her little ones, she began to work out of her home. For 7 years, she styled her clients’ hair and brows from the basement and made a name for herself.

In the summer of 2018, Yolanda took a leap of faith and launched Wonderlash Studio in the heart of Downtown Jersey City. The salon has been a great success. One of the things Yolanda finds especially fulfilling about her work is providing moms with a luxurious escape where they can relax and feel pampered before they return to their daily juggle.

Yolanda is eager to share her success story and will talk about how she became a master multitasker as she, cared for her children, freelanced and launched a business all at the same time!

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